A love spell from the ancient Celtics, which I thought I woud share with you!


Fresh spring water,

Nine blossoms from a flowering tree


An ancient Celtic love spell to help you with being irresistable with your love.

Spell Casting

Place the nine blossoms into the spring water, and allow it to soak overnight. Bathe with it at sunrise while thinking romantic thoughts, then go seek your love

“With magic comes great responsibility. It’s not enough to possess the ability to use magic. One must have the wisdom and courage to use it for the good of the people.” — Unknown

This is an ancient Appalacian love spell that is stll practiced today. I hope that this spell works for you as it did for me~


Several Myrtle sprigs,

Source of fire (preferably fireplace, or something like a bonfire),



An ancient Appalachian love spell to see your future husband or wife.

Spell Casting

Toss the myrtle sprigs slowly, one piece at a time, into the burning fire as you gaze into it, to see the face of your future mate. This is the ancient art of scrying which requires a calm and focused mind, a soft gaze, and patience. As you toss in the herbs, chant this charm: “Myrtle sweet as a mountain spring, Show me he (or she) who will wear my ring.”

“Through the Goddess, we can discover our strength,  enlighten our minds,   own our bodies,   and celebrate our emotions.”    – Starhawk

Credit to Hotaru of http://spellsofmagic.com for this! Thank you~!


small dish, white flower petals, epsom salts, jasmine oil, silver or blue candle, background music (optional)


To relax and become attuned with the Goddess at the end of your busy day, treat yourself to a Moon soak.

Spell Casting

To start, prepare a small dish of white flower petals mixed lightly with Epsom salts and scented with a few drops of jasmine oil. Have ready a silver or a light blue candle and draw a warm bath. Light your candle and turn off all other lights, adding some soft background music if you so choose.Disrobe and look out a window, if possible, to see the Moon. If you can’t see her, visualize her in whatever phase she is in. Ask the Lady of the Moon to bless you, and draw down her power, as you anoint your forehead, head, throat, heart, abdomen,and feet, each with a drop of jasmine oil. Now, toss your Epsom salt mixture into the bath, step in, and enjoy.

Samhain/ Hallow E’en/ October 31

Year’s End

If you would go abroad tonight, choose your path with care, For the walls between the worlds are down, and there’s magic in the air.

The old year ends at set of sun; the new begins at break of day, And in between the walls come down, and a far more ancient Law holds sway.

The Wild Hunt rides for love of speed and lets its prey run free; The Green Man walks and calls the spirits forth from every tree.

The folk from out the hollow hills will dance ’till break of day, And the one-eyed stranger at the door should NOT be turned away.

Don’t try to break the fairy ring, or chase the Wild Hunt on its track;
You just might reach your goal tonight, if you don’t mind not coming back.

The restless dead and stranger things are on the roads tonight; If you meet that one-eyed traveler, be sure that you’re polite.

The walls between the worlds are down as the old year fades away, And EVERYTHING is possible from set of sun ’till break of day.

Paul Haynie 10/30/2000

To me, this is a big no-no, because of the Rule of Three Times Three. Plus, my path is the Healer, and I would only do black magic as a last resort. It is never ok because of everyone having the right of free will, and if you do such things not only do you takethat away from them and harm them, you havce broken the Wiccan/Pagan law!

Credit to http://everythingunderthemoon.net for the information! Thank you!

AGATE -Eases stress and pain of a loss. Reduces anxiety.

AMBER – Fossils from pine tree resin, they add strength to magick and spells, attract love and increase beauty.

AMETHYST – Increases spiritual awareness, used in all workings for peace, love, happiness and protection, used in divination and psychic work.

APACHE TEARS – Apache Tears are “transparent” black obsidian. It is said that these are the tears that Apache women cried when warriors did not return from battle. Simply hold them up to a light or the sun and you can see through them. Good for Protection, grounding, good luck, and they may used for divination.

AVENTURINE – Increases mental powers, perception and creative insight, gambler’s stone.

BERYL – Attracts Deep Romance and Love.

BLOODSTONE – Increases physical strength and courage, brings victory in the courtroom, used to banish, exorcise.

CARNELAIN – Promotes self-confidence and peace, eases depression.

CLEAR QUARTZ – Holding or increasing energy

CORAL – Protects against the evil eye, all spells intended to harm the wearer, natural disasters and unfortunate occurrences.

DIAMOND – Reconciling differences between those who have quarreled. This stone is said to symbolizes peace, fidelity and opulence.

EMERALD – Precognition and the ability to see into the future. It is said to nurtures love and beauty, and turns all negative spells back to the sender.

FLUORITE – Reduces emotional involvement, used to gain perspective, increase mental power.

GARNET – Enhances strength and endurance, protection, healing, enhances self-esteem and encourages success in business.

HEMATITE – Legal Matter, Victory, Healing

JASPER – Can protect from pain and guard one’s independence. It is said to bring the wearer good fortune and protection from the controlling influences of others.

JADE – Good Luck, Protection from disease or Evil spirits. It is said to enhance one’s occult powers. It presents serenity and immortality.

LAPIS LAZULI – Stimulates wisdom, truthfulness, psychic awareness, healing.

LEPIDOLITE – A calming stone, this is carried for peace, spirituality and to drive off negativity.

LODESTONE, GREEN – Draws money, employment, strengthens loyalty, used in bindings

LODESTONE, RED – Draws love, friendship, strengthens loyalty, used in bindings

MALACHITE – Draws money and protection, guards wearer from danger

MOLDAVITE– Form of Tektite. Made when meteorite hit the earth thousands of years ago,…it’s getting very rare, as it is only found in a small region of Russia. Said to have links to extraterrestrial energies and will greatly enhance the power of other stones. Brings you into communication with your higher self.

MOONSTONE – Draws love, hope and protection, promotes unselfishness and helps settle disputes, induces prophetic dreams.

OBSIDIAN – Used for grounding and centering, divination, and increasing spirituality

OPAL – Good luck, and extra mental powers

PETRIFIED WOOD – Good for past life work, nervous conditions, and grounding.

ROSE QUARTZ – Draws love and happiness. Helps heal broken heart.

RUBY – Qualities of Power, Loyalty, and Courage

SAPPHIRE – Radiate Gentleness and Peace. It is said that this stone helps bring Justice and truth to light

SODALITE – Used for meditation, brings wisdom and calms inner conflicts

TIGER’S EYE – Draws wealth and money, protects travelers, increases clarity of thought.

TOPAZ – Give protection to warriors, has the qualities to put demons to flight and vanquishes the evil spells of sorcerers. Can be used for Divining purposes.

TURQUOISE – Believed to bring love and courage. It is said to be a protector against violence in thought and deed. Also good for reducing bodily and mental tensions.

ZIRCON – Attracts fame and fortune. It is considered to be a wishing stone. It is also a protector against accidents or natural disasters.

This is a new “spell” that I have created, and felt that I would share with you all!


2 quartz warm water 1/4 cup epsom salt 1 teaspoon tea tree oil 1 teaspoon almond oil 1/2 teaspoon lavender oil. 1/2 cup apple cider vinegar


A soothing foot soak that will not only relax you physically, but also emotionaly. It is from my site, http://ffrecipes.wordpress.com

Spell Casting

Stir together water, salt, oil, and vinegar in a large basin. Trim toenails and immerse feet. Soak for 30 minutes. As you are doing this, meditate on what is bothering you, and how your God or the Goddess can aid you. Towel-dry feet and massage with lotion. Cover your feet with your favorite socks afterward

“Witchcraft is not evil. At least not any more than lighting a votive candle, praying for a sick friend, or carrying a lucky charm is. However, there are some who do view witchcraft as evil. This is only because organized religion (primarily the Christian church) has conditioned them to fear anything which strays from their narrow condemning view. After all, if you have the ability to fend for yourself, solve your own problems, and choose your own method of spiritual expression, why would you need the confined structure of a church?”

Lady Sabrina

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